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   About us

DHK DJ Service

From elegant wedding services to sing-a-long karaoke parties, we provide a full spectrum of recorded and live entertainment for all occasions. Personalized pre-planning, event coordination, Master of Ceremonies, professional equipment, and an extensive music library are at your command.


   WE DO...

  • Listen to your needs 
  • Treat you with respect 
  • Answer ALL of your questions
  • Strive to exceed your expectations
  • Offer a fair price 
  • Dress suitably 
  • Play requests (Host Permitting)
  • Everything within our abilities to ensure a stress free day



      WE ARE...

    • Honest with our clients 
    • Always available for consultation
    • On time





    JR & Michele LaPorte

    Service With Professionalism and Style

    From small events to large, we give the very best we have to offer. Feel free to contact us (under no obligation) to provide you with the insight necessary to plan an extraordinary day. We pride ourselves on everything we do behind the scenes as well as our performance. Maintaining the high standards of our industry is our primary objective. Insuring the success of your special day is our ultimate goal.


    WE DO NOT...

    • Avoid your questions

    • Offer Excuses

    • Make idle promises

    • Just give you your money's worth

    • Give you the cheapest deal just to get your business

    • Set up while guests are there

    • Wear anything less than that which is appropriate for the occasion

    • Ignore your guests

    • Tell you its not our job


    WE ARE NOT...

    • Inaccessible

    • Too busy to help

     JR at EStarEvents dot com ...................602-621-0329
    Michele at EStarEvents dot com ..........602-617-3770

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